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M for Mental Health..
M for Mansik Swasthya
M for Manasthya.

Health, be it physical or mental, is a matter of basic priority for all individuals. However, we still struggle in accepting mental health concerns as easily as we might complain of physical ailments. Complications of fear, shame, stigma, embarrassment, secrecy get added to the pain of being ill.

Manasthya psychologist in Rajkot is the first step in achieving a bigger aim of creating healthy individuals, and thus contributing to a healthier society.
It is an undertaking dedicated to focusing on mental health concerns and providing support, relief, and treatment as relevant. While treating people with mental health concerns becomes the foremost goal for us to work on, we are also keen on increasing awareness about the same. Encouraging a dialogue, having open conversations, or writing about our struggles might give a boost of strength to someone else around.

Every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of where they come from and what they bring along. Each of us has a unique story that defines who we are. While we all share space in which we live, our planet, we are constantly weaving distinct experiences for ourselves. No two individuals will emerge from an experience with exact same thoughts and reactions.

Our past experiences, surroundings, people we spend time with, and above all our belief systems shape our experiences and memories day in and day out. It is thus essential to be aware of one’s thought processes and be proactive in modifying to maximize well-being.
Manasthya is an effort to help people be more responsible for the stories they weave for themselves.  

M for Mental Health..
M for Mansik Swasthya
M for Manasthya.


One-one-therapy – empowering individuals

Each individual is different, bringing along a different set of neuroses to their lives. An in-depth understanding of a person’s belief systems, behavioural patterns and emotions felt becomes essential for bringing about a concrete change. Weekly interventions on a one-on-one basis is seen as an effective tool to help / treat an individual.
A variety of complaints, right from being unable to communicate effectively, feeling nervous often, to more severe concerns involving mental illnesses or chronic complaints are a focus of therapy individually.
These sessions can also be conducted online, through the use of Skype in case you are situated at a geographical distance that makes it harder to meet in person. Please get in touch with us in case you wish to consult online.

Marital counselling – resolving marital discord

Marriage is a two-way street requiring continuous efforts at nurturing and maintaining a relationship. This can become more complicated with the addition of several factors – demanding work hours and pressure, familial expectations and commitments, financial needs, parenting children with multiple pressures, as well as one’s own emotional and behavioural patterns. The arranged marriage practice in our culture also tends to lead to an incompatible union on occasions, both mentally and physically.
All of these factors (and more) are associated with problems one might face at an emotional level leading to maladjustment.
We intervene with a couple (together or individually) to help them resolve issues with each other as well as personally.

Family sessions – enhancing family bonds and interactions

Our society is made of differing family structures. Right from a couple, a nuclear family, a joint family, to several joint families sharing a common compound, we have different levels co-existing in our culture. Needless to say, there are several incompatibilities and obstacles that may arise thus.
Intervening with more than one or two family members is thus essential. Sometimes, a session might consist of an entire family coming together for a conversation, while at times this might be done with different combinations of family members.

Group work – addressing common group needs

Sometimes some complaints are best addressed in groups, especially when they are pertaining to common complaints experienced by people as well. Going through the menopause, having a tendency towards being anxious easily, depressive feelings and behaviors, parents of wards with difficulties are a few instances where group work might prove to be more effective than working individually or with a family.
Creating such groups, meeting regularly and bringing about change on a larger scale is yet another level at which we extend help.

Diagnostic probing – matching treatment with the trouble

Effective treatment follows a reliable diagnosis. Tests for intellectual disability, developmental assessment, personality testing are a few ways to better identify problems faced.
The diagnostic tools are further used for matching the right kind of treatment to it, be it medicinal, therapeutic, or skill building in nature.

Training programs | workshops | and seminars – customizing learning

Quest for knowledge and learning is a continuous process one needs to engage in. We need to be updated with and exposed to a variety of knowledge in able to be effective in today’s world of multi-tasking. In doing this, one has to continue being happy and satisfied as well!
Thus, we provide customized and need-bases knowledge seeking sessions. These can be planned in different formats of a training program, a workshop, or even a seminar.
A wide area of needs can be converted into a suitable program, ranging from life-skill building to the basics of REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), and other areas.

About the Founder

Shama Shah

Psychologist (Clinical)

Shama Shah -

Shama specialized in Clinical Psychology (M.A.) from the University of Mumbai, following a Bachelors in Psychology from the St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. The post graduation program exposed her to a wide range of clinical problems and mental health concerns coming from a broad range of individuals across the social strata.

While the PG program equipped her with a thorough understanding of the diagnostic side of work, her regular training and work under the tutelage of Swati Khanolkar contributed to a strong base for effective therapeutic intervention. Shama has been trained in the Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) at the In Vivo Educational Services for the past eight years. She proactively uses the REBT approach in trying to decode behavioural concerns and help people overcome difficult patterns.

Currently, she works with The Galaxy Education System (TGES) based in Rajkot, Gujarat. At the school she is involved in extending help through individual sessions for students, parents, and teachers. Her work also involves group interactions with students and parents, as well training teachers.

Currently based in Rajkot, Shama provides therapeutic consultation at the Nagecha Hospital as well as the Kotal Hospital (two leading psychiatric clinics in the city). The approach and understanding about mental health and psychotherapy has gradually been shaping up for the better, with an increasing number of clients seeking therapeutic help.

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